I wanted to take a few minutes and share some very real, very personal feedback about Lifestyle Design International, Jeff Lerner, and Andrew Cass. What I am going to share is based on years of experience with these men and how I have seen them react in good times and in challenging times. You can either believe this or discount it, but either way, the following is my personal experience, and it won’t change whether you believe me or not.

Lifestyle Design International – Jeff Lerner

I first met Jeff nearly nine years ago through an online ad much like ones you may have seen yourself. I can recall that day vividly. It was a hot summer afternoon, and I quite frankly was feeling frustrated and directionless in my next steps for business.

I knew I needed something different – a system to help me sort and filter the curious from the serious. After seeing Jeff’s online web funnel and clicking through his ad, I decided to put in a paid application and see if this system was legit or not. Not long after that I had an opportunity to speak directly with him on the phone after they reviewed my application. That was the start of some amazing things for me and my family in the years to come!

Jeff Lerner Review

Within the week not only had I purchased an online application and was vetted to join his team, but I had jumped into the deep end with him and his team. While it was scary and pretty intimidating to invest that kind of money, I followed my heart and jumped in with everything I had. Within 30 days I had earned $7,000, which was way more than I had expected for sure. The system really worked, and more importantly for me was the fact that Jeff lived up to his word over and over. When he promised me something, he delivered.

Soon I started earning over $20,000 per month, again with the help of Jeff’s mentorship and the team support, and the system had started seeing amazing results. Four months into it, I had my first $65,000 month (actually $64,500 to be exact). I soon became Jeff Lerner’s top earner and took off.

I have kept in contact with Jeff and his team since the beginning of my journey with him years ago, and since then I have gone on to have my first $100K month (actually $181,000 to be exact). Did my experience with Jeff Lerner help? You’d better believe it did. I still carry the inspiration and lessons learned from Jeff and Andrew.

Should You Join Lifestyle Design International?

That is a question only you can answer. I think it all depends on your end goal. For me, it was to be financially free and never have to go back to corporate America again. It’s been over nine years, and I am still working from home and having a level of freedom I have never experienced before.

What Jeff Lerner and Andrew Cass are offering with LDI (and why I wrote this LDI review in the first place) is an opportunity to do something amazing by becoming the person you deserve to be. I believe every person deserves the right to financial freedom and independence while living a life on his or her own terms.

– Does it take hard work? Absolutely.
– Does it take perseverance? Without question.
– Does it take sacrifice? A lot of it (ask me how many times I have stayed in the house on a beautiful day while my family enjoyed it so that we could live comfortably at the end of the month/year).
– Is it worth it? For me, the answer is unequivocally yes. For you, only you can answer that and make the necessary commitment that will be called upon when things don’t go exactly as planned.

What’s your next step? Personally, I recommend doing some homework. Look at the Lifestyle Design International Blog, review their website or YouTube channel and listen to some of the testimonials they have (I have embedded some here for your reference).

This last video shares a bit about the Freedom Experience, and I felt it was worth putting here because it was really well done and shares a bit of insight into Lifestyle Design, its team, events, and the people involved in it.